Theodosia A.G. Tamborlane 

Artist Statement
Curtain Paintings

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Cast Shadows

Cast Shadows IX Collage of Shadows II
Cast Shadows X Collage of Shadows III
Cast Shadows XII Collage of Shadows IV
Cast Shadows XIV, Collage of Shadows VI, Inside and Outside II
Cast Shadows XIII, Collage of Shadows V, Inside and Outside I
Cast Shadows I
Cast Shadows II
Cast Shadows III

Sidewalk Shadows

Sidewalk Shadow I
Sidewalk Shadow II
Sidewalk Shadow III
Sidewalk Shadow Composite

Say It With Lines

Linear Moments I
Linear Moments II
Linear Moments III
Linear Moments IV
Linear Moments V
Linear Moments VI

Spatial Dynamics

Spatial Dynamics I
Spatial Dynamics IV
Spatial Dynamics V
Spatial Dynamics VI
Spatial Dynamics VII
Spatial Dynamics VIII
Spatial Dynamics IX
Spatial Dynamics X
Spatial Dynamics XI
Spatial Dynamics XII

Connections and Communications

Connections III
Connections VII
Connections XI
Connections XII


Toys and Games

Toys & Games IX
Toys & Games X
Toys & Games XI
Toys & Games XII


Thoughts I
Thoughts II
Thoughts III
Thoughts IV
Thoughts V
Thoughts VI
Thoughts VII
Thoughts VIII
Thoughts IX
Thoughts X
Thoughts XI
Thoughts XII

City Scapes

City Scapes I
City Scapes II
City Scapes III
City Scapes IV
City Scapes IX
City Scapes X

Installation Art

Installment - Resurrection
Installment - Resurrection
Installment - Resurrection


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