Theodosia A.G. Tamborlane 

Artist Statement
Curtain Paintings

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City Scapes

City Scapes I
City Scapes II
City Scapes III
City Scapes IV
City Scapes IX
City Scapes X

Cast Shadows

Cast Shadows IX Collage of Shadows II
Cast Shadows X Collage of Shadows III
Cast Shadows XII Collage of Shadows IV
Cast Shadows VIII Bathroom
Collage of Shadows V, Inside and Out
Cast Shadows I
Cast Shadows II
Cast Shadows III

Sidewalk Shadows

Sidewalk Shadow I
Sidewalk Shadow II
Sidewalk Shadow III
Sidewalk Shadow Composite

Say It With Lines

Linear Moments I
Linear Moments II
Linear Moments III
Linear Moments IV
Linear Moments V
Linear Moments VI

Spatial Dynamics

Spatial Dynamics I
Spatial Dynamics IV
Spatial Dynamics V
Spatial Dynamics VI
Spatial Dynamics VII
Spatial Dynamics VIII
Spatial Dynamics IX
Spatial Dynamics X
Spatial Dynamics XI
Spatial Dynamics XII

Connections and Communications

Connections III
Connections VII
Connections XI
Connections XII


Toys and Games

Toys & Games IX
Toys & Games X
Toys & Games XI
Toys & Games XII


Thoughts I
Thoughts II
Thoughts III
Thoughts IV
Thoughts V
Thoughts VI
Thoughts VII
Thoughts VIII
Thoughts IX
Thoughts X
Thoughts XI
Thoughts XII


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