Theodosia A.G. Tamborlane 

Artist Statement
Curtain Paintings

Spatial Dynamics

"Colour is my day - long obsession, joy and torment". Claude Monet.

The use of dynamic colors and the expression of movement are hallmarks of all my paintings, whether on paper or canvas. The colors I choose are independently selected and randomly mixed for each painting. Multiple colors move through each painting, taking the viewer along many and varied paths to visions both expected and unexpected. A title is chosen either as the painting emerges or after contemplation of the finished work.

I create paintings in various series which have included: "Lifetimes to Eternity," "We Were," "Color Passages," "Fleurs des Temps," "Seven Days," "Dystopia," "Spanish Lives," "Diffusion," "Toys and Games," "The Circus," "On the Runway," "Spatial Dynamics," Five Seasons," Cast Shadows," "Afghans," "Connections and Communications," "Under The Seas," "City Scapes," and "Thoughts." Selected paintings can be seen on various pages of my website.

As New York City artist and teacher at the Art Student League Ronnie Landfield has written . . . "Theo takes a strong, consistent and clear position regarding the continuing viability and importance of painting as an expressive vehicle for a wide range of contemporary thoughts and feelings and creative directions."

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